Tim Holsonback
Pastor Tim is a graduate of the University of Mississippi. He also has a masters degree from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate school. He served as youth pastor for many years at Mt Pleasant before becoming the senior pastor in 2018. Tim and his wife Susan reside in the Fairview community and have two sons, Josh and Jake.
Jacob Worley
Associate Pastor
Jacob Worley is the Associate Pastor at MPBC. He began his ministry at Mount Pleasant in December 2018. Bro. Jacob and his wife Victoria reside in Fulton, MS, and have two daughters, Johnna and Kori. Jacob is a graduate of Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master’s of Divinity in Church History.
Andy Bean
Music Minister
Andy Bean has been the music minister at Mount Pleasant Baptist church since 2016. He and his wife Kathy reside in Fulton, MS and have three children, Corey, Kyle, and Sloan.  
Jackie Gray
Pastor Emeritus
Jackie Gray served as the pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church for 37 years until retiring. Currently, he is the Pastor Emeritus and serves various roles both at MPBC such as nursing home ministry and continual teaching and preaching, but also supplies pulpits in the area. He and his wife Sue reside in Dorsey, MS.

Contact Us

Tim Holsonback- Phone: (662) 322-7679 
Jacob Worley- Phone: (662) 523-7871